Simple CMS for static websites

Simple CMS for static websites

jocms is a simple and lightweight CMS.

Easy to install to your existing website

Easy to install to your existing website

With jocms it's easy to make existing websites editable. No coding knowledge required!

A CMS without database - flat file

A CMS without database - flat file

jocms runs without database. It simply saves your changes directly in your website.

A lightweight CMS for static HTML and PHP

A lightweight CMS for static HTML and PHP

jocms is a simple way to make your static website editable.


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Easy to integrate in existing websites

Retrofits easily into your existing website.

If I want a CMS for my existing website I have to rebuild the whole site, right?

With jocms you easily can add a simple CMS to your website without rebuilding. Just install, select the editable areas and you can edit your website. It's so simple! For that you do not need to make any changes to your existing website. This is very convenient for simple websites being updated from time to time.


A simple inline CMS

A simple inline CMS.

We made jocms deliberately simple and easy to use. There is no crowded admin panel. That is more comfortable for people with less coding experience, like your colleagues or customers.

Inside the selected areas you can edit the website inline directly on the page. This allows you easy editing because everything appears like on the real website. (WYSIWYG).

Try it!

A lightweight CMS without database

A lightweight CMS without database.

jocms is flat file. It works without database and templates, creates valid HTML and stores it in your original files. So your website remains in its original structure.

Free and open source.

jocms is free to use! It is not complete yet but you can use it already. I would be very glad if you gave me your feedback.

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  • Simple CMS for existing websites
  • Simple and easy installation
  • Just select the editable areas. That's it!
  • No HTML knowledge required!
  • Edit directly on your website - with the WYSIWYG editor
  • Image upload
  • Backup manager
  • Source code editor
  • Repeated elements
  • Predefined elements
  • Without database - flat file
  • For static websites in HTML and PHP
  • Free and open source



  • PHP 5.5 or higher with GD library
  • SQLite3 (enabled as default)
  • modern Browser
  • jocms is still in beta state so there might be some issues. Please check out the functionality before starting!



jocms is provided under the GNU LGPL 2.1 license.